10 Alternative Uses for Promotional Products
Posted on 2019-03-13 by Jennifer Taylor

When it comes to marketing, sometimes it can be taken too seriously but it’s about time we lighten things up a bit. Instead, let’s look at some alternative uses for promotional products.


1.       OFFICE PRANKS – You can find some creative uses for promotional items… like post-it note your boss' car!

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Is the Pen still Mightier than the Sword? Why Companies still use Pens for Promoting their Brand.
Posted on 2019-02-15 by Carol Burns

We all have them - pens with every logo imaginable that we somehow acquired and kept in our purse, our desk, our pocket.  Have you ever wondered why many companies choose something so simple to share their brand with the world?  Sure, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of other promotional items they could put their company name and number on, but are there any more popular than the lowly pen?  

-Pens are shared with others - How often have you given a pen to someone to use and told them to keep it?  Or asked someone if you can borrow theirs? Pens get shifted from user to user whether it's at the office, in a store, or even in your home which gives your brand maximum exposure.

-Pens are useful - Unlike other marketing items that are fun but not terribly useful that get thrown in a drawer (or even worse, the garbage), people will keep using a pen until it no longer writes. This gives it a remarkable shelf life as a promotional tool....

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All You Need is Love... and A Little Marketing!
Posted on 2019-02-01 by Carol Burns

Flowers and Jewelry might be a great gift idea for your loved one, but what to do about your business associates and customers?  Yes, you can show them some love too with the right advertising or marketing campaign. 

Here are some of the top Valentines Day marketing ideas: 


-Social Media Campaign - Use your social media accounts to connect with the romantics among your followers.  Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to make poll...

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