Athletes Step Up Their Game For Mental Health Awareness
Posted on 2019-05-10 by Carol Burns

As May is Mental Health Awareness month, we believe it's important to bring these ideas to light. Statistics show that 1 in 4 people suffer from some form of mental illness, be it anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction or worse.  In a world where admitting you need help often leaves these people feeling ashamed or judged, this number could actually be higher due to unreported mental health issues.  One of the largest groups this is often seen in is in professional athletes.  

Athletes are constantly pushed to be the strongest, the fastest, the best - and it's not just the pro football players or Olympic champions.  From the time we are children, there is always a concern about selection.  Who doesn't remember being in gym class and praying not to be picked last, and what does it do to the ones who are? Low self-esteem? Self-doubts? Fear and nervousness because of criticism and ridicule from the other kids?  Anxiety and depression ar...

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Spring into Action with these Hot Promotional Items
Posted on 2019-04-12 by Carol Burns

Spring is finally here and with it comes the opportunity to offer your customers and clients new and trending products custom imprinted with your company logo or message.  Think gardening, fitness, picnics and other activities that people enjoy when the weather warms up.  Putting your brand on these top 5 items this Spring can make sure your company is associated with the fun and freedom that comes with being outside again.  We have the Springtime promotional products to ensure that your brand will be remembered all year round.  

1.Water Bottles - as people get outside and start walking and biking, make sure they are carrying your logo with them.  Our color changing cycle bottle is perfect for cyclists while our aluminum sports bottle with carabiner clip is...

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How to Use Promotional Products
Posted on 2019-03-28 by Jennifer Taylor

Have you ever looked at a storage closet full of branded pens, t-shirts, calendars or others and wonder where and how should we use them? Here are a few ways you can empty that closet and improve your marketing and brand recognition!


1.       Trade Shows – This is an obvious choice. Promotional products can be used to draw people to your booth or as part of a call to action (eg: “Win this!” or “Get this _____ when you sign up for this!”

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