Super Bowl 2019 - What Does It Mean For Your Business?
Posted on 2019-01-17 by Carol Burns

Super Bowl is on Sunday February 3rd and we have some of the best choices for promotional products to help your business make the most of it.  Whether you are a football fan or not, everyone is aware of what Superbowl Sunday is, it's practically a National Holiday.  Millions of fans watch it and advertisers spend millions of dollars to have those people see their ads, but what if you don't have millions of dollars to spend on a commercial? 

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Why Use Promotional Products in Your Fundraising?
Posted on 2018-12-06 by Jennifer Taylor

The idea may be counterintuitive – why pay money to raise money? We have all your answers here as to why promotional products should be used in your fundraising.

Promotional products generate countless brand impressions. This is an important function when it comes to fundraising as you want your brand/business – and the goodwill of the contribution – to stay top of mind for days, weeks and months to come. Also, your main objective of fundraising is to generate revenue. This could be to raise money for school supplies and teams, field trips, church events, youth group mission trips, non-profit organizations, a sponsored 5K walk or run, or so much more!

Although generating revenue at fundraisers isn’t wholly dependent on having a product for them to buy, but it does help. Promotional products give your donors something to keep – a memorabilia of their gener...

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12 Ways to Use Customized Mini Basketballs
Posted on 2018-11-26 by Jennifer Taylor

Basketball season is upon us and customizing a basketball with your logo, mascot, team name, or your business can be an effective way to get your name out there! Basketballs have been considered one of the most popular spirit items. To find out why, check out the 12 ways to use your mini basketballs for your events or company.


1.       Generate Team Spirit – Every basketball team needs fans that are in great spirits to cheer them on. It’s also well known that athletes thrive from cheering fans. These mini basketballs can be thrown out into the crowd after a ...

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