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Mini Footballs: Plastic, Vinyl or Foam - Which One To Choose?
Posted on 2018-09-18 by Jennifer Taylor

As football season is here, you’ve decided to use mini footballs as your promotional product. The decision now is what type of mini football is the best? Cheerleaders will throw out these mini footballs at events and fans love to catch them, so the question is which type of football, plastic, foam, or vinyl, is best? Here are the pros and cons of both types:

Plastic Mini Footballs (Items: FOOT6, FOOT6-2)


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7 Reasons Why Mini Footballs Make Great Promotional Items
Posted on 2018-08-07 by Jennifer Taylor

Are you looking for a promotional item that will make an impression? Football season is upon us and mini footballs are designed as the obvious choice for a promotional product for many reasons.


1.       Easy to brand

When it comes to choosing promotional products, the number one goal is to get your brand recognized. What better way than to put your logo or slogan onto a mini football? Very visible and associated with fun. What a way to do low cost advertising!


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Why Do Teams Need Custom T-Shirts
Posted on 2018-07-12 by Jennifer Taylor

Corporate team build activities can be overdone and cheesy. Sure, you can hold tournaments or have a company lunch, but why not invest in more subtle ways to build a culture of teamwork? (Although corporate Jenga can be fun sometimes…)

We know that you know that custom t-shirts branded with your company logo are a must have for trade shows or promotional giveaways however many underestimate the impact that custom t-shirts can have on an employee culture. Teams need cohesion. Nothing ever truly great was done without the help of a team. Here’s how custom t-shirts can help bring your brand to life for your corporate team:



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