It's all about the Swag
Posted on 2020-03-13 by Carol Burns

We've all received free swag at some point in our lives, from pens, cups, water bottles to the more technical power banks, ear buds, selfie sticks and Pop Sockets.  All those company branded items that we hang on to and either use frequently or see every time we open that drawer, with logos that stick in the back of your mind and show up when you need to find a company to meet your needs.  As a customer, free stuff is always great, but as a business owner you might be wondering why you would want to spend money to give away free promotional items when you want to be making money instead.  Giving away free promotional or advertising items can actually help your business earn money in many ways. 

1. Word of Mouth advertising - Although businesses have advertising budgets for television or radio commercials, word of mouth marketing is a much more economical and powerful way...

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March Madness - What it can mean for your business
Posted on 2020-02-12 by Carol Burns

March Madness!  For some, this brings to mind big sales in retail stores, but any sports fan knows it's the biggest thing in the NCAA Division Men's Basketball.  March Madness is a single-elimination tournament played each spring in the United States, currently featuring 68 college basketball teams from the 

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Love Me, Love My Pet - Why you should market to animal lovers
Posted on 2020-01-10 by Carol Burns

Talking to your customers you may find yourself asking about their children or spouses, but asking "Do you have any pets?" can start a great conversation, considering over half of Canadian households have pets.  Pet giveaways can win the heart of your animal loving clients and customers and create a long lasting bond that keeps them coming back.  Increasing brand visibility with pet items is a great way to increase your following on social media too. Here are some ways that custom imprinted pet items can help you be the top dog. 

- Gain new customers with pet toy giveaways. Giving your customers a chance to play with their fur babies is always good business and putting your logo or message on their toys makes sure that your brand is seen often and remembered.  Try one of our 4" squeaky balls

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